Hit the mark with florals

Every summer floral prints make an elaborate reappearance. Varying in colour, shape and size, they are the one thing you can count on being constant over the summer months. If you’re more used to plain fabrics than striking florals, or if you’re just not sure how to wear busy prints, keep reading for our top tips to inject some much needed blooms into your wardrobe.

Add a scarf

Scarves are the multi-tasker of the fashion world. Often used as belts, hair ties, bag accessories, as well as what they were created for, scarves are the perfect starting point for injecting florals into your wardrobe. Coming in a wide range of patterns, colours and intensities, you really can go as subtle or as wild as you want. If you’re wearing a plain, extremely light or dark outfit, we suggest going bold with your scarf choice. If you’re already rocking a bold, bright colour however, going subtle with your pattern choice will complement your outfit.

Click your heels together

Shoes are one of the accessories you can really have fun with. Whether you’re big on loud colours, or opt for a more muted palette when it comes to fashion, adding a splash of colour on your shoes can really give it a lift. Although the idea of florals on shoes might make you feel a bit uncomfortable, it really doesn’t have to. We’re not talking full on geometric floral heels, but subtle additions, such as a floral bow on the front of some comfortable flats, or a ditsy print on the straps of sandals. Of course if you wanted to really make a statement, then there are some beautiful, full on floral wedges and hells that are great for summer parties and weddings.

Add some sparkle

Jewellery is often used to spice up an outfit, and when it comes to florals, jewellery really is the cream of the crop. Suiting anyone, of any age, brightly coloured jewellery is one of those simple additions that makes any ensemble stand out from the crowd. Summer is full of floral inspired necklaces, rings and earrings, adding a feminine touch to those other spring/summer 2016 trends. So pop on a statement necklace or add a bold ring to add a bit of glamour to simple, summer outfits.

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